It is a wondrous thing when an idea is planted in the human heart. Some ideas, like fast growing trees, get rooted quickly and spring up rapidly. They push and drive the idea to come to life: to either find the way or create one where none existed before. These ideas, embedded in the hearts of ambitious men and women have changed and improved our world, sometimes seemingly overnight.

Other ideas are like the slow growing Sequoia with their seeds inside serotinous cones lying dormant for several years waiting for a fire to release them. The intense flames come, and then once in the ground, these seeds find themselves in a place cleared of extraneous dead foliage. Because everything is burned away, they are bathed in an abundance of light and fertile ash nutrients. Perfect growing conditions for a redwood.

The idea for Living in Cherith was of the latter kind. Something that sat in my heart waiting…

And then our only son died of cancer and I felt bereft and empty and aching in a scorched landscape missing a life that I loved more than my own. It was in this environment that the idea began to germinate as it sunk even deeper into this mother’s heart. I have always loved the lessons that we can glean from nature and coupling them with our family’s watch word  grew into a seedling that finally broke through and emerged into the sun. I hope you will find some measure of inspiration and encouragement as you visit.

Did you know that a redwood tree’s root system will stretch up to 100 feet away from the trunk and will intertwine with as many neighboring trees as it can? This interwoven network of roots forms a web of strength to keep the trees upright and helps them withstand high winds and raging floods. It is in reaching for those trees closest to them where they get their real strength.  They survive and thrive because they are connected.

It is my hope  that as we share the lessons of nature together, we will feel inspired and strengthened to better face whatever happens in our families and neighborhoods. Because life is busy and time seems to pass oh-so-quickly, you can sign up to be notified of new posts by email so you won’t have to remember to come check what’s new. I promise not to spam your inbox and I’ll never ever sell your info. 


The meaning and symbolism of this image is both layered and deep. The tree represents our family with the ever reaching branches of ancestors and posterity. The river represents Jesus Christ as the Living Water that flows and is never ending. The tree is positioned by the river so that the roots can go down deep and be fed and nourished by the pure water. The river also represents the brook that Elijah hid by and was protected and fed by God. This all comes together in how Cherith came to be. You can read how that happened here. 

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