Always There

Dense fog always makes me feel so isolated and cut off from my surroundings. To say that I don’t like driving in it, is a huge understatement! It distorts and impairs my vision and somehow even my sense of direction. It’s scary because I feel like I can’t see what’s coming in enough time to engage a strategic defense should something be in my way that would cause an accident. I have to slow way down and search for the lines on the road that will keep me safely in my lane as well as constantly scanning for traffic. There is the need to anticipate where my exit is because I usually can’t see it until it’s right there, so I tend to keep to the farthest right hand lane when I think I’m close.  The only things that keep me driving in such conditions is knowing that the roads haven’t disappeared just because I can’t see them and being able to rely on my GPS to talk me through the fog. I have confidence that the 24 designated satellites orbiting the earth are doing their job.

I think some of life’s troubles come upon us like rapidly rolling fog. They seem to engulf us in a matter of seconds…sometimes without warning. We are disoriented and afraid that we won’t be able to navigate ourselves or our family to safety. We worry about what’s going to hit us in our vulnerable state. Some of us may even come to a complete stop, being paralyzed by the inability to know what’s coming next.

But God is in His Heaven and there is no amount of fog that hampers His view. Like the stars in the sky, He is always there whether we see Him or not. He clearly knows what we need and His willingness and ability to always help us through our trials is more reliable than every bit of technology this world has to offer.  If we listen and trust Him and stay in the correct lane, we shall be able to safely maneuver through life’s challenges.