An Opportunity to Show Faith

My four grandsons are everything you would expect brothers close in age and living on farm land to be: hard workers, responsible, strong…and possessing a unique ability to make exploring and creating diversions an art form. A black t-shirt tied just so around the head instantly turns you into a ninja, capable of amazing feats.

They were running around doing what ninjas do, when all of a sudden I see one of them up on a shed roof ready to jump down onto the roof of another smaller building. The grandmother in me warns him not to do that because I’m certain if he does, the next thing I would be doing is calling 911. He calmly tells me that he’s done this several times before and he’s sure that he won’t get hurt.

“I know I can do this”, he says.

So the photographer in me takes his picture.

Not to be outdone, another ninja brother soon follows.

I wonder when they decided that it would be a good idea to try this leap from one roof to another. I find out later that they were first up there with their dad wiring lights and a solar panel, and boys being boys, saw a faster way down than climbing the ladder. They asked their dad if they could jump the short distance down to the lower roof and then jump from that roof to the ground. Knowing that the structure was fully capable of holding them, their father gave permission. Totally trusting in the assurance of their dad, they took that first leap into the air. Landing solidly and safely, they took that final small jump to the ground. Success!

He could have made them go down the ladder, but instead he gave his sons an opportunity to show faith.  They might not realize that they received an increase in this eternal principle; they just wanted to know if they could jump off the roof. But they have a deeper trust in the word of their dad now, and they will all be able to glean from this experience when the need arises for faith in something more substantial than ninja moves.

As I’ve pondered this, I have decided that when hard things come my way, I’m going to view it as an opportunity to show faith: because I believe in the Word of my Father too.