Arise and Be

There is an amazing place not too far from my home that contains the most magnificent gardens in the entire state. Acres and acres of themed sections with meandering paths where you can walk beside streams and over rivulets and under trees and inside structures and next to waterfalls… all while feasting on incredible beauty.

The gardeners work very hard at maintaining the grounds and somehow manage to create the perfect balance of keeping things natural yet organized. They plan and plant and carefully tend so it was a nice surprise to see this flower seemingly a bit out of place. I’m sure they noticed. How could they not? But I am very glad they let this flower be. It is not pink because it was surrounded by red and white ones and somehow became a blend of the two colors. It is pink because that’s what its DNA says it is. And just because the flowers around this one only grow to a certain height, doesn’t mean that this one must stunt its growth and fit in. Its DNA pushes it to be all that it was created to be, and being pink certainly doesn’t take away the crisp white, the deep red, or the bright yellow of those growing beside it.  All are beautiful in their own right.

Nature is constantly reminding us to be the very best that we can be. To keep growing strong and be true to what is inside us, even if we think we are alone in our pursuits. But in so doing, take nothing away from others but rather glory in the fact that we are each unique and every one a child of God.