Helping Us See Through the Mist

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming has some amazing sights and the Grand Prismatic Spring is one of my favorites. The boardwalk that takes you around the edge keeps you a safe distance from the extremely hot water but if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction, you can find yourself shrouded in a sometimes uncomfortably warm mist.

There is always steam rising as the temperature in the middle stays fairly close to 160 degrees. The colors are the result of pigmented bacteria in mineral rich water. As the temperature cools towards the outer edge, different bacteria can survive, thus the different colors in specific locations.

During our summer visit, the sun was incredibly bright, shining in an almost cloudless sky. The rising steam was thick and blowing our way, making it hard to see. When the wind shifted, I clicked a few pictures but the haze and glare made it hard to capture the colors. Everything seemed washed out. Then I added a filter to my lens and the colors fairly exploded.

This polarizing filter eliminated the glare and helped the colors appear more saturated. It allowed me to get a truer, more accurate representation of the hot spring in my photographs.

Every time I see this picture, I think of trying to capture reality through the haze and the mist and how difficult it was. I am incredibly grateful for a small finely crafted piece of glass that enabled me to see through my lens clearly.

In photography, there are several types of filters that will each give you differing results. Life is much the same.

If you see through the filter of anger, you will find it hard to capture peace. Click To Tweet

The filter of jealousy will make it difficult for you to be grateful, and being unforgiving will invade your ability to trust. Selfishness will often leave you lonely, and vanity will keep you always wanting more.

In life, the filter that will give us the truest and most reliable capture of how things really are (including our self) is the one labeled Love.  When we see through this most finely crafted of filters, we are able to see more clearly the road to becoming our best self and achieving deeper happiness.

Of all that we could hope to obtain, to love as the Savior loves, is life's greatest goal. Click To Tweet