In Plain Sight

While driving on a back country road, my daughter Stephanie noticed a few killdeer running beside the edge of the street.  Knowing that I like unique nature shots, she stopped to see if she could get a good picture for me. I think she did a marvelous job!

She captured the essence of what this species of bird is; a master of camouflage. These birds build their nest on the ground in a shallow depression. It is well camouflaged because the spots on the eggs disguise them as rocks and the simple structure of the nest resembles its surroundings. If you aren’t aware that they do this, one could easily step on a clutch of eggs before you could catch yourself from doing so. It helps that the adult bird employs a “broken-wing” act to lure predators away from the nest. Whenever I see a killdeer exhibiting this behavior, I’ve learned to immediately stop walking and search the ground. Sometimes I’ve only been a foot or two away and hadn’t noticed the nest.

Did you see the nest in Stephanie’s picture? I’ve enlarged the photo to show the eggs.

The killdeer reminds us that there are often great and wonderful blessings directly in our path, and we don’t see them. The busyness of our lives or the similarity of our days can camouflage even what we should hold most dear. We walk throughout our sojourn in this life with the possibility of trampling on that which would bring greater gratitude to us and our families and thus, greater happiness. Let us all stop each day and look for the blessings of heaven in our life, because if we have eyes to see, they are there… in plain sight.