A few weeks ago, I was walking through my yard and something came very close to smacking me in the forehead. Startled, I looked around and discovered a hummingbird zipping from flower to flower and from bush to bush. He was obviously not finding what he was searching for as he didn’t stay very long at any one location. I have always wanted to capture a good shot of a hummingbird but I am not as fast with my finger on the button as they are with moving their tiny wings so I’ve not ever been able to keep one in frame long enough…but I was going to keep trying. That’s the beauty of digital photography. It doesn’t matter how many bad shots you take. Besides that, you have to keep shooting if you’re ever going to get those great pictures.I knew I only had a few seconds at best, so I quickly planted my feet for balance and tried to follow him in the lens. He stayed at one flower for just the extra beat I needed to get this picture. It’s not perfect, it’s not even close to great, but its the first time I managed to actually get a decent picture of a hummingbird. I couldn’t stop smiling.

All the previous attempts that failed had taught me what didn’t work, and that narrowed down what I needed to do and how to utilize the settings better on my camera. I’ve learned that its okay to have a whole SD card full of unusable pictures as long as I remember that every attempt is worth it while you are pursuing your goal.

Failure leads to success…but only if you don’t stop trying!