We’ve had some unusual weather lately with snow falling in the mountains even as late as this weekend. Rain continues to fall on an already drenched and saturated  valley. Much of the state is concerned about the probable flooding of the many rivers and streams that flow throughout the land and are taking all the necessary precautions. I think it’s fairly safe to say that the drought cycle is finally over.Although we do not live in a flood plain, we are of course concerned for those who might be affected. Yet, for us, this crazy weather has been only mildly inconvenient. More a matter of trying to mow wet grass and the inability to work on other planned yard projects. Certainly nothing of supreme importance. I was given a different perspective on Sunday when we attended church with our oldest daughter and her family. They live in an area where some people still farm to either fully support or supplement their income. The rain and possible flooding has the potential to affect their livelihood.

In a prayer offered by a local woman who was obviously concerned about the recent forecast, she pleaded with the Lord to temper the elements and for Him to bless the land. I was struck with my lack of thought for these folks. My world doesn’t involve those things that are of utmost importance to them and I wondered how many other situations I was not aware of that are the deep and heartfelt yearnings of those around me. In my all too often busy life, I was given a strong reminder that we need to be aware of our neighbors and the problems they may face. Only then can we help and serve and support.

For those in my daughters neighborhood, I can only add my voice to the many prayers that are being offered for temperance. For me personally, I will ask that my eyes be opened that I might see.