Our three year old granddaughter is keenly aware of noises and when she hears something that she does not recognize, she asks the ever present question, “What’s that sound?”  If you don’t have a ready answer or she finds you furrowing your brow trying to figure it out, she lets you know that she’s beginning to be afraid. On our recent road trip to Oregon, my sister had a frog living in the bushes beside where I parked my car and when we came home in the evenings, the frog was busily trying to attract attention and was doing so rather loudly. Night after night we were greeted with his call, and night after night, we gave increasingly more information to the question, “What’s that sound?” 

She knows what a frog is and can point one out in a picture yet somehow the sound was different enough in her mind that she was having difficulty connecting the two. Perhaps being in the dark in a strange new place had something to do with it. We tried to find the frog to help her better understand and remember so she could associate the live animal with his actual sound, but he cleverly eluded us.

Several weeks later, my daughter found this frog in our front yard sunning himself on a rock. She quickly picked him up and took the opportunity that we had missed in Oregon. In the light of day, on very familiar ground, she explained to her young child how they make their sound. She let her touch him and gave her plenty of time to look him over, then gently put him back.  A few nights later, when they were visiting again, we heard some bullfrogs on the pond and when the “What’s that sound?” question came up again, we were able to remind her of the frog that she had seen in our front yard and of the one she had heard at my sister’s home. She asked a few froggy questions, gazed out into the darkness, and proclaimed to no one in particular when the croaking was heard again, “That sound is a frog.”

When we ask, seek, and knock and are taught from on high and the Light of Truth illuminates our mind, we gain a strong conviction of what we have come to know. Holding on to knowledge is easy in this Light. The hard part is when trials come and we can’t see through the darkness. During these times, we need to remind ourselves of what we truly, deeply know and then act accordingly.  In our family, we have a motto that has served us well throughout the years: