Rock vs Sand

Our most recent trip to the Oregon coast gave us many foggy days so when the sun came out we cherished it all the more. This specific day started out with the sun shining warm and bright and beautiful accompanied by a gentle ocean breeze. We basked in the warmth as we searched for treasures with the sound of the waves melting away the noise of the world. The perfect beach day.And it changed in a matter of moments.

We were exploring the tide pools and pointing out all the amazing creatures when we felt the change in the air. I looked up and saw a wall of fog sweeping across the top of the water rushing our way. In the time it took to put on our sweatshirts, we were engulfed in the mist. We are always careful to keep our face towards the horizon and obey the all important rule when walking along the coastline in an area prone to tsunamis: never turn your back on the sea…yet the change was still surprisingly fast. It didn’t ruin our day though because we had come prepared knowing how fickle the weather had been lately so we bundled up and kept exploring.

I was shooting pictures so I kept to the rocks for stability. They kept me out of the pounding surf and the shifting sand; a solid place to be. I watched as the power of the waves moved everything in its path…everything that is except the rocks.

There is a song we teach our little ones inspiring them to be as the wise man who built his house upon the rock rather than the foolish man who built his house upon the sand. In the song,  the rains come down and the floods come up on both houses. Being built on a rock does not mean that you are exempt from the weather, just that your foundation (and thus your house) will not crumble in the storm. We teach them this concept with water, rock, and sand, then help them apply it to a personal relationship with God.

But it’s not just a story for children and it certainly isn’t just about bad weather because the storms of life are very real and oftentimes catch us unaware. Life changes in a matter of moments and if we are not prepared against that which may beat upon our house, we just might find ourselves crumbling under the pressure.

The promise is that if we build our life upon the principles and ordinances of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we will through Him, be able to withstand the problems and the troubles and whatever trials we are called to endure in this life.