The Coming Spring

This winter has been more harsh than most in recent memory.  The temperatures have been below freezing for days at a time coupled with an inversion layer that makes it hard to breathe even if you don’t suffer from asthma. This is the first time a snowman in our yard has remained longer than a month. He’s diminished some, but he’s still there.These cold, dark, short days tend to take its toll on our efforts to keep a positive outlook.  Waking each morning to a gray sky and a hidden sun gets a bit depressing after awhile. I wonder how people live in Siberia.

But ever so slowly, the weather is warming up. No matter how cold it gets, or how dark the days, we cannot stop the fact that in a few months from now there will be green poking up through the ground and sun shining in the bluest sky. The dark “dead of winter” gives way to the bright newness of spring.

This never ending cycle of seasons is proof that life gets better and that darkness doesn’t last forever. We learn a lot about ourselves during these dark days and we come to understand better the lives of those who are in the grips of personal tragedy. Only through these experiences can we become a source of comfort to others, because we ourselves have felt the pain. When we realize that our life has cycles of seasons just like the planet we live on, we are better able to bundle up against the cold. The Greek playwright Aeschylus, reminds us that these days are certainly not wasted when he wrote…

“Memory is the mother of all wisdom”