To Believe We Can

Nestled in a mountain valley not too far from us, lies a magical place built of ice and surrounded in snow. Aptly named Ice Castles, there are canyons and caverns and caves and towering spires lit with embedded lights that change colors with magnificent themed music. They’ve created slides and waterfalls and benches of ice and everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf.

The idea was born out of a desire of a dedicated dad to create something special for his post-California-resident daughter in her new cold and snowy home in the Rocky Mountains. Showing her the benefits of living with her current conditions, he built an ice cave in their front yard, complete with slide.

As wonderful as the Ice Castles are, what I love most is this story of their beginning. Instead of complaining about all the inconveniences of snowy roads and shoveling sidewalks and the bitter cold that often accompanies it, this father taught his daughter to make something positive out of their situation. He found the silver lining in what might have been perceived as an otherwise dark cloud and moved forward working hard and persevering and proved the value of this most important life lesson:

Happiness is a choice Click To Tweet

We might find that hard to put into practice when life is difficult and challenging. In the midst of severe trials, it might be almost impossible without the knowledge that God is mindful and intimately aware of our needs and is helping us to follow His counsel to “be of good cheer”.

If the Lord is asking us to be happy, if man is that he might have joy, don’t you think He will help us achieve that goal? Most certainly! In spite of the evil in the world, or the hardships we face, we can accomplish positive things as we remember the promise in Luke:

For with God nothing shall be impossible. Click To Tweet


A few more pictures of the wonder and grandeur of the Ice Castles