Every once in awhile, I notice that a specific flower or plant doesn’t seem to thrive in the place that I have planted it. I try to find the reason and, if possible, fix the problem. I like happy plants.For several years I’ve been trying to get tulips to grow in a planter beside my front porch. Yet, no matter what I tried, the tulips would barely emerge before they would begin to look sickly and most never really even opened up.So last fall, I pulled up all the tulips and replaced them with some of my favorite iris. But apparently, I had left one behind.

This single tulip, in the midst of a patch of iris, had grown straight and tall and beautifully healthy! I am wondering if the iris have given off some nutrients in the soil that the tulip needed. Perhaps the growing leaves of the iris have protected that lone tulip from the heavy, wet snows we’ve recently had. Whatever the reason, I loved discovering that it was there and even more so, that it was every bit what a tulip should be.

I thought about how life sometimes makes us feel unearthed and exposed. We are rooted out of our comfort zone and suddenly find ourselves surrounded by feelings and experiences that we never expected. But we dig in, find some piece of solid ground, put our face to the sun, and decide to keep growing. Later, when the storm has passed and in a moment of calm reflection, we discover ourselves to be better than we have ever been.