It is always a joy to look out my window and see goslings on the water. When I pointed out the baby geese to my granddaughter on Saturday, she wanted to get a better view.  So she donned her pink boots and grabbed my hand and together we set off on a bit of an adventure to walk the path that surrounds the pond.As we quietly and slowly walked along, we would see birds and ducks and frogs who, at our approach, would quickly put as much distance between us as possible.  Respectful humans are ever present here, but naturally we are viewed as a danger.We were enjoying the walk and each other’s company when half way around the pond, a storm blew in. It suddenly got dark and windy, and rain was only moments away. I scooped up my granddaughter knowing her little legs wouldn’t get us home in time. On the pond, the geese were in high alert as well.

We had been watching them as we were walking, and as usual one parent was swimming in front while the other was swimming behind, but that instantly changed when the weather did. Moving up front, nestling the goslings between them, one swam with head down skimming the surface of the water while the other kept head up, both scanning for danger. They swam this way across the pond until they ushered their young safely onto solid ground.

We have some rather large frogs and fish that have been known to snatch a baby duck or two, but these goslings looked far too big for that to happen, yet clearly there was concern. Perhaps the churning of the water made it easier for prey to approach, in any case, these parents weren’t taking any chances.

As I carried my precious cargo and shielded her against the wind and beginning drops of rain, I wondered what unseen dangers lurked beneath the surface for her.  We live in a world where families must be ever vigilant to protect the rising generation and I whispered a prayer of thanks that her parents are working as a team to keep her safe. And from the geese I am reminded of this one great lesson: our offspring are never too big to protect from danger.